Staging Rental in Jackson MS & Metro Area

Planning events can be daunting, especially when selecting the right venue and equipment. In Jackson, MS, and the surrounding metro area, staging rental is a popular solution for event planners who need reliable equipment and support to bring their vision to life. Event Pros, a leading event rental company, offers various staging rental options that cater to your diverse needs, from corporate events to concerts and weddings.

Staging rental is essential for many events because it provides a platform for performers, speakers, and presenters to showcase their talents and communicate their messages effectively. With the right staging equipment, you can create a professional, engaging environment that captures your audience’s attention. Whether a small meeting or a significant outdoor festival, staging rental can help elevate the event experience and ensure every detail is executed flawlessly.

Stage Your Success with Our Spectacular Staging Rentals!

We provide stage rental services for events of various sizes and sorts, such as band performances, graduation ceremonies, and guest speakers. With a large selection of rental goods and customization choices to suit your specific requirements and price range, our skilled team can assist you in coming up with and developing the ideal ambiance for your event. Our services include.

Stage platforms:

To accommodate events of all sizes, we provide stage platforms in various sizes and configurations. Our stage platforms are made from premium materials and may be tailored to meet the unique requirements of your event.

Staging accessories:

We provide a variety of accessories, like stairs, ramps, skirting, and guardrails, to improve your stage setup. These additions not only increase the functionality of your stage but also give it a more polished appearance.

Lighting and sound systems:

We also offer lighting and sound systems to complete your stage setup. Our top-notch gear can be adjusted to meet the atmosphere and mood of your event.

Backdrops and drapes:

For events that require a specific backdrop or theme, we offer a range of backdrops and drapes that can be customized to fit your event’s design and branding.

Event furniture:

To complete your event space, we also offer a range of event furniture, such as chairs, tables, and podiums. Our stylish and functional furniture can be customized to fit your event’s needs.

Custom fabrication:

We offer custom fabrication services for events with unique staging needs to build one-of-a-kind staging setups. Our team can work with you to create a design that fits your vision and event requirements.

Our staging rental services offer a comprehensive solution for event planners and organizers who want to create a professional and memorable event experience. We are committed to providing high-quality equipment, exceptional service, and personalized attention to ensure your event succeeds.

It’s easy to see why our stage rental services for events are so valuable: we assist in producing the kind of striking visuals and sound that stick in people’s minds long after the event. Our services will contribute to the success of your event in many ways, including excellent attendance and favorable press coverage. Our staging rental services will assist in making any event, whether a wedding, graduation, or other public performance, more memorable.

* Delivery fees will apply

Streamlined Staging: Our Step-by-Step Process for Transforming Your Space or Event in Jackson, MS & Metro Area

Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how it works when you work with Event Pros:


We start with a consultation to learn about your goals and requirements for the venue or occasion. We can determine which equipment to rent and which modifications best suit your needs.


Our experienced team will then work on staging the space or event venue according to the agreed-upon plan. We’ll carefully and efficiently set up the rental items, ensuring everything is in place for the big reveal.

Event or Property Use:

Whether it’s a property showing or an event, you can use the space as you usually would once it’s been staged by our team. Enjoy the transformed environment and the benefits of a more visually appealing and welcoming atmosphere.


Once your event or property showing is over, our team will return to remove the rental items and restore the space to its original condition. We pride ourselves on our quick and efficient removal process, ensuring you can return to business as usual.

We offer competitive pricing for our staging rental services and can provide customized pricing based on the specific needs of your project. In addition to our staging rental services, we also offer furniture rental and other services to help make your space or event even more special. 


How long does staging rental typically last?

  • Depending on your demands, a staging rental might last anywhere from a single day to several months. Together, you and our staff can determine the optimal time to hire the space for your project.

What is included in your staging rental services?

  • Our staging rental services include providing various rental materials, such as furniture, decor, lighting, audio-visual equipment, and stage rental, among other things. We always ensure our services are tailored to your requirements and financial constraints.

How much does staging rental cost?

  • The total cost of staging will vary based on factors such as the required rental duration, the number of days you’ll need the venue, and the number of necessary props. We have affordable rates and may tailor our quotes to your specific requirements.

Enhance Your Space or Event with Top-Quality Staging Rental Services

Don’t settle for a lackluster space or event – let us help you transform it into something extraordinary! Contact us today to learn more about our top-quality staging rental services in Jackson, MS, and the metro area. We will work closely with you to understand your vision and needs and create a customized plan to bring it to life. Start by contacting us and taking the first step towards a more beautiful, inviting space or event!

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