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900 SQ. FT.

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Event Pros offers event rental services of the highest possible caliber to assist in the success of your special occasion. Our 30′ by 30′ tent rental service is made to offer a flexible, sizable, and dependable outdoor shelter solution for any event. Having worked in the event rental market for many years, we know how important it is to offer excellent customer service, high-quality products, and flexible solutions to satisfy your requirements.

Our 30′ x 30′ tent rental service aims to give you a premium outdoor shelter option that can be tailored to your specific event requirements. This tent is ideal for occasions such as weddings, business gatherings, festivals, and other outdoor events that require protection from the elements and ample area to move around. The renting of this tent comes with several advantages, including the availability of a cost-effective solution for holding outdoor events, the adaptability to personalize the event space, and the assurance that comes from dealing with a rental company that is highly qualified and well-versed in the industry. We have the knowledge and the equipment to assist in making any size event you are planning a success, regardless of how big or small the event is.


Specifications and Features of our 30ft x 30ft Tent:

The 30′ by 30′ tent is an adaptable, long-lasting shelter that accommodates various occasions. Included below are the particulars of our tent rental service, including its features and specifications:


  • Size: 30ft x 30ft (900 square feet)
  • Peak height: 18 feet


  • It’s adaptable to various situations and can house many people, equipment, and activities.


  • The tent is made of heavy-duty vinyl that is waterproof and resistant to UV rays, so guests need not worry about getting wet or sunburned while inside.
  • Solid metal frameworks that last for years without compromising on durability.
  • Sidewalls, doors, and windows can be adjusted to suit your event needs.

Customizable Options:

  • Lighting: Cafe lighting, string lights, and uplighting are just a few of the lighting options we provide to improve the ambiance of your event.
  • Flooring: To add a touch of elegance and comfort to your event, we may offer a variety of flooring alternatives, including carpet, hardwood, and interlocking tiles.

Heating and Cooling:

We provide heating and cooling choices for your guests’ comfort regardless of the weather.

Additional Equipment and Services:

  • Tables and chairs
  • Linens and tableware
  • Sound systems and audio equipment
  • Generators and power distribution
  • Event planning and coordination services


  • Weather-Resistant: Our 30′ by 30′ tent is made to endure various weather elements, such as rain, wind, and sunlight. The sturdy vinyl fabric inside the tent keeps people dry and comfortable because it is UV and waterproof.
  • Durable Construction: To ensure guests’ safety and comfort, the robust aluminum frames guarantee structural integrity and longevity.
  • Customizable Layout: Our tent rental service allows you to design your event space’s layout. You can customize the seating and equipment arrangements to meet the needs of your event.
  • Additional Equipment and Services: Along with tent rental, we offer a variety of equipment and services to improve the comfort and ambiance of your event. We offer lighting, flooring, heating, and cooling options to provide visitors with a cozy and welcoming environment. We also provide setup and breakdown services to ensure your event works appropriately.

At Event Pros, we pride ourselves on offering a customizable rental experience to suit your event needs. Contact us today to learn more about our 30ft x 30ft tent rental service and the additional equipment and services we offer.


Installation and Maintenance Guide for the 30ft x 30ft Tent


Our skilled team will set up the tent for you, ensuring it is completely secured and safe for your event. The tent top, sides, and metal frameworks are to be attached during installation, which usually takes a few hours to complete. Based on your event objectives and site limitations, our staff will collaborate with you to establish the optimal location for the tent.


The tent must be set up on a level area for proper installation and safety. This keeps the tent from blowing over in the wind and prevents injuries caused by tripping. The installation site must be clear of any overhead obstructions, such as trees or electricity lines.


When the tent is rented, the renter must maintain it in good shape. Here are some suggestions for keeping the tent in good condition:

  • Follow capacity guidelines: Be sure that the number of people inside the tent does not exceed the maximum number it can accommodate. Too many people within a tent puts extra strain on the structure and raise the danger of accidents.
  • Avoid smoking near the tent: If you smoke near the tent, you risk damaging the tent’s material and increasing the likelihood of a fire starting. Be sure to set up a separate location away from the tent for people to smoke in.
  • Report any damages or issues: If there is any damage to the tent, please let us know immediately so we can fix it. We’ll do what we can to answer your questions and keep the tent in good working order throughout the event.


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Customer Service:

We proudly provide our customers with first-rate service. When you hire a tent from us, our support staff can address any questions or problems. To contact our support staff, please use one of the following options:

  • Phone: 601-932-2341
  • Email:  info@eventprosms.com


During regular business hours, our support staff is here to help. On top of that, we provide emergency assistance at any time during the rental period. During non-business hours, please contact our emergency hotline at (601) 932-2341.

Customer Support:

If you have any questions or problems during your rental period, our team is here to help. Do not hesitate to contact us with any inquiries or assistance with the tent. We’ll do what we can to answer your questions and help your event go off without a hitch. We also provide tent installation and removal services to make sure the tent is in place before the event and is taken down afterward.

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