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If you’re organizing an outdoor event, you already know how important it is to select the ideal setting. The 20ft x 80ft tent stands out among the many alternatives despite being one of several. This tent is popular for various occasions, from weddings and parties to corporate events and trade exhibitions, because it strikes the perfect mix between size, flexibility, and affordability. A 20ft x 80ft tent can be exactly what you need if you need a flexible area that can handle huge gatherings or a relaxing and elegant outdoor environment.

Event Pros in Jackson, MS & the Metro Area, offer a comprehensive range of event rental solutions, including tents, chairs, tables, lighting, and more, to help you create the perfect setting for your event. Our 20ft x 80ft tents offer plenty of space and protection from the elements for various events, including weddings, parties, corporate events, and trade exhibits. We can help you adapt and tailor your tent hire to meet your needs and tastes thanks to our skilled staff of event planners and technicians, ensuring that your event succeeds from beginning to end.

Specifications And Features:


  • The tent is 20ft x 80ft in size, with a total space of 1,600 square feet
  • The tent’s height can vary depending on the specific model and design, but most are at least 10 feet tall to ensure that everyone within has enough of headroom.

Materials and construction:

  • The tent’s frame comprises high-grade aluminum or steel, which gives structural stability and support.
  • The walls and ceiling are constructed from solid and waterproof materials such as PVC, polyester, or canvas, which protects the interior from rain, wind, and other factors.
  • Other elements, such as a floor that may be constructed out of various materials, including plywood, carpet, or even turf, are also possible for the tent.

Additional features and accessories:

  • Heating and cooling systems: For the comfort of visitors, we can have heating and cooling systems to control the temperature within the tent.
  • Lighting: To set the mood and improve visibility, tents may be equipped with various lighting choices, such as cafe lighting, string lights, or spotlights.
  • Decorations: Tents can also be embellished in a variety of ways, such as with balloons, drapes, or flowers, to match the theme of the event.
  • Sound systems: For speeches, music, or announcements, we can install sound systems with speakers and microphones.
  • Furniture and seating: Guest convenience and comfort can be maximized by equipping tents with tables, chairs, and other seating options.

A 20′ x 80′ tent, in general, offers a flexible and adaptable space for different occasions, with a variety of features and accessories to meet diverse demands and tastes. Due to its solid design and long-lasting materials, Event Pros ensures you that our tents can survive various weather conditions and offer visitors a cozy and secure environment.

Versatile Uses and Applications of the 20ft x 80ft Tent

Here are some of the different ways in which the 20ft x 80ft tent can be used:

  • Weddings: The 20 x 80-foot tent is an elegant and roomy option for weddings, and it gives the happy couple plenty of room to add their personal touches with decorations, lights, and furniture.
  • Parties: All sorts of celebrations, from birthdays to anniversaries, can be held under the 20′ x 80′ tent. It’s a versatile setting that can be altered to suit various purposes and crowd sizes.
  • Corporate events: The 20′ x 80′ tent is ideal for large business functions, including seminars, trade shows, and product debuts. It’s a nice, adaptable space that can look and feel exactly how your company wants it to.
  • Trade shows and exhibitions: 20ft x 80ft are ideal for events like trade shows and expos because they offer convenient, temporary space that can quickly move around. There is also plenty of room for exhibits and presentations.
  • Sports events: Outside sporting events such as games, tournaments, and races can all benefit from the 20′ x 80′ tent. Spectators can sit in the shade, and competitors and their gear can be protected from the elements under the roof.
  • Emergency shelters: The 20′ x 80′ tent can provide temporary refuge for those in need in times of crisis, such as after a natural disaster. It’s a secure location that takes little time to set up.


Q: What is included in the rental fee for a 20ft x 80ft tent?

A: When you hire a tent from us, we’ll set it up and take it down for you. However, we may charge you extra for delivery. Lighting, heating/cooling systems, and flooring may be supplied as supplementary items for an additional cost.

Q: How far in advance should I book a 20ft x 80ft tent rental?

A: We strongly advise that you make your reservation for a tent rental at least four to six weeks in advance to guarantee its availability and to give yourself ample time for planning and preparation.

Q: Can I rent additional equipment or services from the same rental company?

A: Yes. We provide various event equipment and services, including tables, chairs, lighting, HVAC, and more. For more information about our services, please contact Event Professionals.

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