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Event Pros offers top-of-the-line tent rentals for all outdoor event needs. From weddings and festivals to corporate events and more, our tents provide a reliable shelter from the elements, ensuring your guests are comfortable and protected no matter the weather. With a wide selection of tent sizes, styles, and customization options, we can help you create the perfect atmosphere for your event.

A 20ft x 30ft tent is an outdoor shelter that provides a covered area of 600 square feet.It is a common choice for social gatherings like weddings, parties, and corporate events because it can house a respectable number of visitors alongside necessary furnishings like tables and chairs. The tent’s poles or frames are strong, and the fabric is long-lasting, like PVC or vinyl. The walls, windows, and doors may all be altered to meet the event’s needs better. A 20ft x 30ft tent, in general, is a versatile and practical alternative for your outdoor events and gatherings.

Specifications and Features of our 20ft x 30ft Tent:


  • Total covered area: 600 square feet
  • Width: 20 feet
  • Length: 30 feet
  • Height: 10 feet (at the peak)


  • Up to sixty persons may be accommodated at one time (depending on seating arrangements and additional equipment)


  • Tent top: made from a waterproof vinyl or PVC of the highest quality that is also UV-resistant and fire-resistant
  • Tent frame: It is made from a strong aluminum or steel frame with reinforced connectors for stability and durability.
  • Optional walls: clear or solid white walls made of the same materials as the tent top

Customizable Options:

  • Walls: To create an open or contained environment as required, transparent or solid white walls can be added or removed.
  • Windows: For ventilation and natural light, walls can be adorned with transparent or opaque windows.
  • Doors: You can install single or double doors to facilitate access and flow.
  • Flooring: To create a level and cozy surface, several flooring options like carpet, wood, or synthetic can be applied.
  • Lighting: To create the appropriate atmosphere, several lighting alternatives can be added, such as cafe lighting, string lights, or uplighting.
  • HVAC system: The temperature inside the tent can be controlled by adding heating or cooling equipment.

Additional Equipment and Services:

  • Tables and chairs
  • Linens and tableware
  • Sound systems and microphones
  • Stage and dance floor
  • Decorative elements such as drapes, flowers, and centerpieces

Note: It’s important to keep in mind that the 20′ x 30′ tent’s exact dimensions and features may change based on the rental company and the site. We want to ensure the tent is perfect for your occasion, so please feel free to ask any questions.

With our 20′ x 30′ tent rental services, delivery, setup, and takedown are all taken care of, so you don’t have to stress about how to get the tent to and from your event site. In addition, we provide consultancy services to assist you in choosing the ideal tent for your occasion and any extra supplies or services that might be necessary. To help you create the ideal atmosphere for your event, our staff can offer guidance on tent customization, lighting, and other elements. Our rental services for 20′ x 30′ tents and other services are created to be a one-stop shop for all your event requirements, making preparing an event as stress-free and fun as possible.

Discover the Advantages of Renting a 20ft x 30ft Tent

Weather Protection: A 20′ by 30′ tent provides cover from the elements, shielding your attendees and their belongings from precipitation, sunlight, and wind. This is of utmost importance for outdoor events, which inclement weather can swiftly ruin.

Flexibility: A 20′ x 30′ tent can be a convenient event alternative in several outdoor settings. Walls, windows, and doors can be arranged to suit the occasion. Thanks to its adaptability, the tent may be configured to suit various event types, themes, and sizes.

Space: Tent dimensions of 20 feet by 30 feet allow for comfortable movement of guests, tables, chairs, and other necessities. This makes it a fantastic choice for formal events like weddings, parties, and business gatherings. The tent’s airy, expansive inside offers visitors protection from the elements without sacrificing any of the tent’s signature openness.

Aesthetic Appeal: Besides adding to the event’s overall aesthetic, a tent can be adorned and tailored to give visitors an exceptional experience. Lighting, draperies, and flowers are just a few decorative elements that can set the mood.

Cost-effective: You may throw an outdoor event by renting a 20 x 30-foot tent for a reasonable price. It does away with the requirement for an expensive, typically indoor location that might also charge extra for services and equipment.

Our 20ft x 30ft tent rental process:

Request a Quote: You can contact us via our website, phone, or email to request a 20′ x 30′ tent rental price. Should you require additional equipment or services, we will also include the cost of delivery and setup in the total price we give you.

Reservation: We will request a payment to secure your reservation once you have confirmed your rental. A signed rental agreement describing the terms and conditions will also be required.

Delivery and Setup: Our team will deliver and set up the tent at your event location on the day of your event. We will also install any additional equipment or services you have requested, such as lighting or flooring.

Payment: The rental fee and additional services will be due before the event. We accept various payment options, including credit cards, checks, or wire transfers.

Takedown and Removal: After your event, our team will return to the event location to dismantle the tent and remove it from the location.

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